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3D Space Visualisers Matterport Buys Tourguides Virtual Walkthrough

There couldn’t be a better pairing of companies, now that Matterport, who deals with the visualisation of 3D spaces and often turns them into virtual reality (VR) experiences for people to walk around in, has acquired Virtual Walkthrough, 360 degree and VR tour company. Read more

Tech City News

London property tech company Virtual Walkthrough acquired by US VR firm

London-based proptech company Virtual Walkthrough has been acquired by Matterport, an immersive media and VR tech firm headquartered in California. As a result of the transaction, Virtual Walkthrough will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Matterport. The company has also confirmed that James Morris-Manuel, founding partner of Virtual Walkthrough, will continue to hold a senior role within the company. Read more

The Memo

Virtual reality is about to transform the property market

If you’ve bought a house, or rented commercial property, you’ll know just how deceiving photos can be. That spacious studio flat that turned out to be no bigger than a cupboard, or a garden that’s more of a jungle. The future obviously isn’t photographs, it’s 360° experiences and virtual reality that allows you to experience a flat or office before you’ve even stepped foot in it. Read more


Virtual Walkthrough acquired by US company Matterport in ground-breaking UK proptech transaction

The parties said the transaction marks the first significant acquisition of a UK based proptech company, with Virtual Walkthrough becoming a wholly owned subsidiary of Matterport. Founding partner and Virtual Walkthrough pioneer James Morris-Manuel will remain with the company in a senior role as EMEA Sales Director, where he will continue to contribute to the growth and expansion of the business. Read more


Property giant Hammerson uses new virtual walkthrough tech to lure buyers

Property giant Hammerson has collaborated with property tech startup Virtual Walkthrough to capture all its shopping centres and retail parks in the UK, using virtual technology similar to Google street-view.  The true-to-life technology will help developers and landlords lure potential tenants and buyers to view and purchase their property. Read more


How to sell your flat on Facebook and save £8,000

The online estate agent, SellMyHome.co.uk will launch an open house on Facebook via a video tour of their property. Users will be able to virtual walk around the apartment, and ask questions online via a chat system – but bids would be made by phone. The virtual open house, invented by Virtual Walkthrough allows members of Facebook to log in, view, share, and comment on the video. Read more


MIPIM Showcase

Event Industry News

Virtual Walkthrough captures London’s legendary Ministry of Sound Venue

Virtual Walkthrough captures the legendary Ministry of Sound, enabling users to view the venue online and virtually walk around the space as if they are physically there. The company captured similar venues such as the ExCel London, Olympia London Centre, The Clubhouse and The Light.   Read more

Tech City Insider

Waldorf explores the great indoors

Tech Insider describes how Virtual Walkthrough creates their virtual walkthrough, and how the idea was formed. They shoot high-resolution images and stitch them together to create panorama bubbles that link to give the viewer a 360 view of the property. Founders Antony Waldorf and LEO Sutic came up with Virtual Walkthrough after they felt that a few photographs was not sufficient to accurately represent a house. Read more


Facebook VR open house ‘saves seller £51,360’

OPP.Today covered how SellMyHome.co.uk and their use of Virtual Walkthrough helped a seller save £51,360 by using the world’s first virtual reality open house on Facebook, rather than using a traditional UK agent. The virtual open house was able to reach a wider audience, attracting over 29,000 views when shared on Facebook. Due to the successful sale, SellMyHome.co.uk now runs open houses every Wednesday on their Facebook page using Virtual Walkthrough’s HDR 4K technology. Read more

Insider Media


Property developer and investor Hammerson partnered with Virtual Walkthrough to offer capture all of its assets – totalling more than 6.9 million square feet. Read more

The Sunday Times

On the home front

What is your dinner party chatter about? I’m guessing it is far more likely to include discussion of house prices than the voting record of your local MP. As much as the body politic is going to take over the headlines for the next six weeks, most of us, especially at this time of year, are more interested in our own — and other people’s — homes than the House of Commons. Read more

Property Industry Eye

As rentals market comes to boil, apartments are let off-plan

Property Industry Eye elaborates how apartments in Poplar, east London are being rented off-plan. Prospective tenants are looking at the flats via a technology called Virtual Walkthrough – allowing them to see the size, dimensions, and layout from their PC, tablet, or phoneRead more

Estate Agent Today

‘Virtual open house’ flat sells above asking price

The property that sold through the world’s first virtual open house on Facebook sold for £10,000 above its asking price. The online agency SellMyHome attributes its success to Virtual Walkthrough’s technology and the wider audience on Facebook. Read more

Real Business

Britain’s property market under construction with digital tours for hundreds of homes

Luxury property developer, Life Residential appointed Virtual Walkthrough to develop digital tours for a minimum of 180 homes over the next year. The announcement comes as London startups are rising in number, with the real estate sector among the markets to experience growth – increasing with new businesses by 71 per cent year-on-year. Read more

The Wharf

Life Residential offers 3D digital viewings via Virtual Walkthroughs

Life Residential is embracing Virtual Walkthroughs by allowing clients the ability to take a tour around their property before physically viewing them. Life Residential director of residential sales Scott Ayliffe mentioned that not only are the tours detailed, but more customers are purchasing properties off-plan. Read more

PropTech News


Independent bespoke real estate firm Life Residential whose main focus is on new luxury developments has appointed Virtual Walkthrough to capture their portfolio of properties in London. Virtual Walkthrough have been contracted to capture at least 180 properties – totalling around 153,000 square feet. This technology enables the estate agent and customer to save time, and speed up the buying process. Read more

The Express

The changing face of estate agents

The online estate agent SellMyHome.co.uk is planning to hold more Facebook Open House sales after its first successful sale of its Virtual Walkthrough in March. The agent claims the open house “simplifies the property viewing process” for both buyers and sellers, and provides a fair representation of their properties in regards to quality and size. Read more

Estate Agent Today

‘Agents should see technology as innovative, not disruptive’

The CEO of Virtual Walkthrough, Antony Waldorf, says the industry sees technology as a threat, when it should see it as a force for innovation. He claims the industry should embrace the technology so that they don’t get left behind because innovation empowers customers. There needs to be a differentiation between what agents offer; the property industry should start trusting and embracing these innovative technology as the industry moves into the future, and not fear disruption. Read more

In and Around Covent Garden

A Virtually Stress-free Way to Buy Property in London

Frank Harris and Company has been using Virtual Walkthrough’s tours since mid-2013. The tours allow their potential buyers to view the properties overseas, or from the comfort of their own home – and choose which to visit in person. Read more


Friends House Uses Virtual Walkthrough Technology To Increase Demand To Its Venue: The Light

Friends House and Virtual Walkthrough have announced the digital capture of The Light venue space in Euston. The venue is used for conferences, theatre and cabaret style corporate events, receptions, and graduations and exhibitions. The capture is expected to increase demand to the venue by providing a 360 degree coverage of the venue embedded onto their website. The Virtual Walkthrough technology provides customers with more information than traditional photography can offer, and can be accessed from multiple platforms. Read more

The Wall Street Journal

In Real-Estate Tech Firms, Europe Plays Catchup With U.S.

Startups in Europe’s real-estate market that offers 360 virtual-reality tours, online leasing marketplaces and other technology services are catching investors’ eyes, but they will have to outmuscle more established, better-funded U.S. companies to succeed. London-based Virtual Walkthrough offers real-estate agents and developers digital visits of properties for sale or rent. The company secured its first £800,000 ($1.2 million) of funding in January 2014, said co-founder James Morris-Manuel.  Read more


360 virtual tour software helps ‘get right people through the door’

As people change how they market space, there is a revolution when it comes to selling and renting properties. According to Virtual Walkthrough, by allowing customers to virtually tour a property, companies are able to increase viewings and average sales price by 15%. Read more

Estate Agent Today

Agent today staging ‘virtual open house’ via Facebook

The online estate agency sellmyhome.co.uk will hold the first-ever virtual open house of a two bedroom flat on its Facebook page today. Sellmyhome claims that this type of facility will chime with the demographic of first time buyers in London, who struggle to take time out of hectic schedules to visit many properties. Read more

Property Week

Five minutes with: James Morris-Manuel of Virtual Walkthrough

The co-founder of Virtual Walkthrough talks entrepreneurialism, skiing and why he hates to sleep.
 Read more


Virtual Walkthrough captures Hammerson’s UK portfolio

Technology company, Virtual Walkthrough has completed capturing Hammerson’s UK portfolio – after working with them for the past two years. The technology proved to be successful in securing deals quicker, and provided benefits to the asset management and operation teams. It also helped secure cross-border retailers such as Smiggle and Victoria’s Secret. Read more

Property Industry Eye

First virtual open house event takes place today – on Facebook

The first virtual open house event is to be held today on Facebook. Viewers of the property will be able to “see” the property online with the technology from Virtual Walkthrough, and have their questions answered in real time. SellMyHome cofounder Will Clark said “the Facebook open house marks a significant turning point for the property market” – for buyers and agents. Read more

Real Business

Estate agent uses Facebook to sell a house with debut virtual walkthrough

By holding the first virtual open house using a virtual walkthrough, the online estate agent SellMyHome claims it is “propelling the property industry into the 21st century…” SellMyHome’s goal is to deliver easier and time-effective online options for viewing property – which is becoming increasingly important given today’s hectic lifestyles. Read more

The Telegraph

Take a tour of this super yacht with new video gizmo

Entrepreneur Antony Waldorf will unveil his latest invention: Virtual Walkthrough, that could revolutionise the house-hunting process that enables viewers to walk around a property. It will help potential house hunters and overseas buyers narrow down their property search, and narrow down the number of viewings without having to visit so many in person. Unlike a photograph that could be shot deceptively, the virtual tour provides an accurate spatial perception for the viewer. Read more


An Interview with Virtual Walkthrough CEO Antony Waldorf

CEO Antony Waldorf came up with the idea for Virtual Walkthrough after going through the painstaking long process of selling a house. He noticed that buyers didn’t have enough information online to judge which properties to invest their time in, and turned to former-business partner Leo Sutic to come up with a prototype. Virtual Walkthrough fixes this issue by providing interactive content that increases the transparency during the property buying process. His interview covers topics ranging from the most rewarding thing about Virtual Walkthrough and the most interesting buildings captured, to how estate agents are coping with the digitalisation of the industry.

 Read more


A 360 virtual tour software of MCM London Comic Con by Virtual Walkthrough

Virtual Walkthrough captured a walkthrough of October’s MCM London Comic Con event. For those who have never been to Comic Con, they are able to “walk” around the event by using their mouse to navigate around the convention. There is also a floorplan on the walkthrough that allows you to pinpoint specific locations such as stalls and promotional stands you want to check out. Read more

Estates Gazette

Future Shock

Some start-ups offer walkthroughs using the Cardboard viewer that are accessible, but firms such as Virtual Walkthrough prefer to produce highly detailed video and still images. They aim to have their images represent the correct perspective, so that someone can make a proper informed business decision. Mark Simmons presents a round-up of the types of technology that are changing the way people deal with property in the capital. Read more

Estates Gazette

How tech disrupts property

MIPIM video: With the digital revolution front and centre at this year’s MIPIM, the focus is on new technology disrupting the real estate sector.
There are many innovations on display at MIPIM 2015: robots, 360 virtual reality tours of buildings, and floors that generate energy, to name but a few.
 Read more